Top 4 support groups for people with pancreatic cancer

Pancreas is a small organ situated in the abdomen. It is a vital organ that helps in the conversion of food that we eat into energy for the cells in our body. The pancreas does so by releasing an essential hormone, called insulin, which subsequently enables the glucose in the body to enter blood cells and convert into energy. As pancreas is an important organ inside the body, any disease related to the organ, like pancreatitis, precursors, and pancreatic cancer, can be fatal. Among these diseases, pancreatic cancer is the most common disease associated with pancreas.

Pancreatic cancer begins in the tissues of the organs and is known for spreading to the adjacent organs rapidly. It can be scary and stressful for patients and their loved ones. But it helps to remember that one is not alone. Talking to someone who is experiencing or has experienced a similar situation can be very helpful. Anyone who is suffering from pancreatic cancer, no matter at what stage they are at, and their loved ones need to consider joining a support group.

There are several organizations that provide different kinds of help and support to people who are fighting cancer and enable those who are fighting cancer and their families to feel supported. The support groups help people in their treatment and recovery journey. Additionally, it is important to know that there are support groups for every type of cancer; hence, those with pancreatic cancer can find their cancer-specific support groups.

These support groups are available to people in many different ways including:

  • Online chat rooms and forums
  • Telephonic conversations
  • In-person one-on-one meetings
  • In-person support group

Support groups for pancreatic cancer can be found with a simple Internet search. Also, there are popular government supported websites and foundations related to pancreatic diseases that contain plenty of information on support groups that can help you. Some popular and helpful support groups include the following:

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network®– This organization was founded in 1999 with the goal to help people who are fighting against pancreatic cancer. On their official website, one can find all necessary information on several cancer support groups in different parts of the country.

The National Pancreas Foundation– This site provides online support to people who are suffering from pancreatic cancer or pancreatitis. The support they provide is based on extensive research on the disease and the latest treatment options. It involves educating the patient about various new inventions in therapies that can help them with their pancreatic cancer treatment. Furthermore, they provide caregiving and healthcare services to the patients.– This is one of the oldest organizations that nationally provides free professional support to people who are fighting cancer. Their services include counseling, financial assistance, support groups (online and telephonic), and community programs.

Pancreatic Cancer Support Group by Columbia Surgery– This group was created to address the emotional needs of patients that need support beyond the medical care that includes assistance in financial difficulties as well. Additionally, they also provide support and offer solace in times of grief.

Similar to these organizations and websites, there are plenty of other sites that help people get the support they need during their fight with pancreatic cancer. These organizations are just a web search away.

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