Reasons and ways to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is the most common disease in the world today; it is also a common concern of thousands of people across the globe. There are essentially two main types of diabetes, namely, type I and type II, where type II is a common metabolic and chronic disease, and type I diabetes is a chronic disease. Of the two types of diabetes, type II is the most common disease in the world. With the constant increase in the number of people being diagnosed with type II diabetes, it has become essential to take measures to prevent the disease.

Diabetes further invites several health complications, as mentioned below:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Diabetic kidney disease
  • Diabetic foot problems
  • Diabetic eye disease
  • Gum disease and several other dental problems
  • Sexual and bladder problems

Diabetes has several other complications on our bodies, which makes it important to take the necessary preventive measures. Moreover, people who have a family history of diabetes should take extra care of their health as they are more likely to develop the disease upon getting exposed to the triggers.

Therefore, it is excessively important to take actions that will help one prevent their chances of developing diabetes. Discussed here are some ways in which one can prevent themselves from getting diabetes:

  • Get more active
    Daily physical activity is an important part of your life as it not only keeps your body healthy but also keeps your mind fresh, healthy and therefore happy; this, eventually, helps you achieve great health.
  • Lose weight in case of obesity or being overweight
    Those who have been overweight or obese are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes. This is why it’s important to start working on the weight control and take effective measures to control weight and get in the ideal weight frame. Eating healthy and at the right intervals, along with daily exercising, helps one lose weight in a healthy and lasting manner.
  • Follow an organic and healthy diet
    The lifestyle most people lead today forces them to consume more packaged food and less freshly-cooked and organic food. This causes many health-related problems in the mind and body that can lead to diabetes. Therefore, conscious effort to eat only healthy and fresh food and fruits is the key to a healthy diet and body that is free from all kinds of disease.
  • Get regular medical check-ups
    Not getting a regular check-up, especially when one has the risk of developing diabetes, should be avoided. In fact, going for regular check-ups can help one identify the warning signs of diabetes, and it can also measure their progress in preventing diabetes and maintaining good health.
  • Limit alcohol and cigarette consumption
    Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking have extremely harmful effects on our body and can excessively harm several organs at once. Therefore, limiting them or quitting them can prove to be a healthier choice.
  • Improve overall lifestyle
    Lifestyle includes everything from your diet to your sleep pattern. When your lifestyle is in harmony with your biological clock, which means, when you have a healthy sleeping, eating, and exercising pattern, your body is in a healthier state and is more successful in keeping diseases away.