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5 effective ways to relieve menstrual pain

5 effective ways to relieve menstrual pain

Menstruation is a common phenomenon that every woman between the age of 13 to 50 has to undergo. Though it is one of the most important bodily functions, it is not a very pleasant one. Women menstruate for four to five days and for more than half of the population of women these days are riddled with pain. Women experience pain and discomfort around the abdomen, thighs, and lower back when they are menstruating. This occurs because, during your period, the muscles of the womb contract and relax in a bid to shed the built-up lining, and you experience menstrual pain when these muscles are at work.

Menstrual pain can affect your mood and interfere with your daily routine. So, instead of writhing in pain and binge-eating junk food, you can try either of these tried and tested home remedies to help you deal with menstrual pain.

Improve your diet
Contrary to what we believe, “comfort food” does not actually offer any comfort to the body. In fact, binging on salty or fried food will only intensify the menstrual pains. It is imperative that you continue eating healthy food and steer clear off fatty foods, alcohol, caffeine, salty foods, and carbonated beverages as these can cause bloating and water retention. Cutting out these food items from the diet can alleviate menstrual pain and decrease muscle tension.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications
If the menstrual pain is unbearable, you can always bring it under control with the help of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which are the primary over-the-counter (OTC) pain-relief medications that are recommended for menstrual pain and heavy menstrual bleeding. These medicines are instrumental in lowering the body’s production of prostaglandin and can help in reducing menstrual pain. Even oral contraceptive pills are effective in reducing menstrual pain, but you need to consult your doctor before self-medicating as these medicines can have detrimental impacts.

Applying heat
One of the easiest ways to deal with menstrual pain is to apply heat to the affected area. Usually, it is the lower back and abdomen that are the victims of menstrual pain, and it has been proven that applying a heat patch at 104℉ can help in easing the pain. In fact, applying a heat patch to the affected area has been proven to be as effective as one of the effective OTC medicines, ibuprofen.

Massage with essential oils
Essential oils have a soothing effect, which is why they make the right home remedy for treating menstrual pain. Massaging the abdomen or lower back with essential oils for about 20 minutes can dramatically reduce menstrual pain. It is essential to dilute the essential oil with the carrier oil before you apply it to the affected area. While massaging with essential oils, for better results, you need to massage specific points as this will help relieve the pain instantly.

Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea has been used for treating several conditions owing to its amazing medicinal properties and its soothing abilities. In fact, sipping two cups of chamomile tea per day a week before the period starts will help in reducing the menstrual pain. Chamomile tea increases the urinary levels of glycine that plays a major role in relieving muscle spasms. The glycine acts as a nerve relaxant, thereby, preventing cramps.