5 ways to effectively fight off facial wrinkles

5 ways to effectively fight off facial wrinkles
The aging process leads to the skin suffering from the imminent development of wrinkles. An inevitable part of aging, wrinkles develop as a result of the loss in collagen that works as the main tightening protein for the tissue. Facial wrinkles make the surface susceptible to hollowness, fines lines and even sagging. The dermal layer also tends to become thinner over the period and this makes the skin lose its natural sheen. The onset of facial wrinkle development is evident and undesirable, however, there is not much that one can do to combat the natural process.

Wrinkles are caused by aging and the other factors that can contribute to the same include pollution, unhealthy eating habits, genetics and more. Often, it is a result of a combination of the given factors. The first signs of facial wrinkles may be seen post the age of 35. While it is not possible to naturally reverse the effects of this issue, the wrinkles can be reduced, and the glow of youth can be retained through these 5 listed ways:

Keep away from the sun – Several studies have documented the ill-effects of harsh sun exposure on the skin. It is believed to be one of the main causes of premature facial wrinkles development. Exposing the skin to long hours of direct sun rays damages the cells and leads to the development of fines lines. One must limit the number of times that they step out in the sun, especially during the afternoon. Alternatively, the face can be covered with a scarf when out and about.

Nourishing oils – Oil poses to be the best natural moisturizer for one’s facial skin. Coconut oil is an ingredient that is rich in antioxidants and can successfully prevent the development of free radicals. It also naturally moisturizes the skin making it soft and subtle. Olive oil is another widely adapted ingredient in beauty products. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin E, thus, fighting the skin-damaging free radicals.

Nourishing foods – The skin cells are built from a combination of water, protein, and fats. This calls for some healthy food supply that helps replenish the essential nutrients. Blueberries comprise of concentrated antioxidants and vitamin C that protects the collagen. Almonds too come with vitamin E and fats that hydrate and plump the skin well. The powerful antioxidants also deter the immense damage done by the UV rays. Tomatoes too are loaded with an important component called lycopene, that improves the function of the vascular system and boosts the blood circulation in the facial muscles.

Facial massage – One can massage the facial skin using the simple acupuncture treatment. The middles and index fingers must be gently moved around the areas of the brows, jaw joint, and checks. The massage technique will smoothen the layer of the skin and relax the muscles that are stressed due to unnecessary micromovements.

Aloe Vera masks – The gel wrapped on the inside of the aloe vera plant has the best effects when applied on the skin. Not only does it heal wounds, but it also soothes the tissue with its minerals and vitamins. All one needs to do is slit open the leaf and apply the gel over the face before going to bed. An aloe vera mask is an inexpensive yet efficient way of fighting facial wrinkles.