6 Ingredients to Look for in Lipstick

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Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world! Pair a matte lipstick with a bit of eyebrow gel and some mascara, and you can make a dull day fun. Plus, fun lipsticks offer a quick burst of color that makes you feel motivated. However, many of us may not be aware that our favorite beauty product contains harmful chemicals and hazardous ingredients that we would never want near us, let alone on our faces.

Below are some of the ingredients that you may want to avoid next time when you go on a lipstick hunt:

1. Perfume or fragrance

You cannot know the ingredients that are used in making perfume or fragrance as it is regulated under the trade secret law. Under this law, the company has entitled the liberty to not reveal any of its ingredients for competitive reasons. This also means that the FDA will be unable to determine the ingredients in those fragrances which develop the risk of consumers being open to even the ingredients that are banned. Perfumes are usually comprised of ingredients that can cause migraine, respiratory issues, and skin rashes.

2. Methylparaben

This substance acts as a preservative in many beauty products. However, the use of this chemical is restricted in the European Union as this ingredient is linked to cancer, including the disturbance of the endocrine system. The Cosmetics Database has labeled methylparaben a “high hazard.”

3. Petroleum and other petrochemicals

These ingredients are usually a part of lip gloss and cream-based lipsticks however, they tend to cause clogged pores, acne, and even rashes. While purchasing a lipstick, look for ingredients like mineral oils, paraffin, and petroleum distillates. If a lipstick contains any of these ingredients place it back on the counter as your lips deserve better. These ingredients are water repellent in nature often causing pores to suffocate on the application.

4. Lead

If levels of lead in adults are elevated it can cause a number of health issues like seizures and miscarriages. When children are exposed to lead for a long duration it can lead to permanent damage to the brain. Hence, it is definitely essential that your lipstick, or your child or teen’s lipstick, does not contain lead as an ingredient.

5. Parabens

Parabens are an extremely common preservative commonly used in cosmetics as they are available at an extremely low cost. Even though the evidence is not completely conclusive, parabens have been linked to causing allergic reactions, carcinogenic in high doses, and have also been found in the tissue of breast tumors. Stay away from even the perfect matte lipstick that you found it contains parabens.

6. Tocopheryl acetate

This ingredient is also known as vitamin E acetate and is used in a variety of makeup products like lipsticks, foundation, and primers. This ingredient is hazardous as it can cause scaling, hives, skin blisters, itching, burning, and other toxic reactions. It can also cause tiredness, dizziness, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, and weakness.