Makeup Hacks to Accentuate your Best Features

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is your best facial feature of all? While many women gaze into their bathroom mirrors and get lost in their own big brown eyes—others would list their pouty lips or cheekbones (that go on for days) among their favorite facial feature.

When putting on your makeup in the morning, it’s important to focus on the positive, by accentuating these facial blessings you like the most while drawing attention away from your not so favorite features (i.e., fine lines around your eyes, large pores, an asymmetric nose). Use the following makeup tricks to highlight parts that put a smile on your face (even if you have thinner than you’d like lips):

1. Create a pretty pout
Puffy, kissable lips are perhaps the most enviable trait among the female species, especially considering how many women undergo botox treatments regularly. For instance a recent article from Newsweek indicated a shocking 1.5 million botox injections just last year. However, you can achieve a perfect pucker with less commitment and pain by taking care of your lips. First, perform an exfoliating treatment on your pout to banish any dry, chapped skin. Then use a moisturizing lip primer with some plumping powers. Once the primer is set, outline your pucker with a near to your own lip color lip liner, and color in each lip with a matte lipstick. Finish off your kissable lips with a touch of nude lip gloss for a freshly, hydrated look.

2. Eye lashes
Do you have bombshell eyes? Even if you don’t have big blues, greens, or browns like a supermodel, you can achieve bombshell eye vibes by using the right mascara to elongate and thicken your eyelashes. Start by combing your natural lashes with a clean mascara wand. If you want, add some magnetized eyelashes (that won’t damage your natural lashes) to gaps at your natural lash line or just add a few at the outer lash edge for dramatic effect. Now curl your lashes drawing them up and away from the eyes with a cleansed eyelash curler. Finish off your look by applying a few coats of your favorite boosting mascara. Deep black mascara is best to make those eyes really pop.

3. Cat eye envy
Nothing quite says polished and poised like a classic cat eye look. Luckily, you can create the perfect amount of sexy intrigue around your eyes with the right liquid eyeliner. The cat eye look elongates close set and small eyes by drawing the attention to the end of the eyelid, creating a long, sensuous and streamlined look. Start with clean lids and use a thin eyeliner brush to line the upper lid with a thin line of black eyeshadow. Now use a liquid black liner by placing the tip flat against the lash line and sweeping from the inner corner and outwards, tipping it up to create that classic cat eye sweep, or wing, at the edge of the outer eyelid. For newbies, use a disposable cat eye stencil that you place over the lid and trace perfectly with your liquid eyeliner.

4. Beautiful brows
Consider your eyebrows the frame to your face. They work as a canvas that accentuates your eyes. However, sparse or patchy eyebrows can have the opposite effect. But ladies, you don’t need to undergo pricey microblading sessions (starting at $400 per treatment) to achieve enviable eyebrows. All you need is a little natural looking filler in the form of a good eyebrow pencil, gel, or powder and a precise eye brow brush with a spoolie on the eye to fill in bald or thin patches with tiny strokes that mimic the pattern of eyebrow hair. Just be sure you fill in the natural direction of your hair. Add a tiny brush of shimmer highlighter above each brow bone when you’re done to accentuate and draw the attention upwards.