Top home remedies for ovarian cancer

Home remedies or natural treatments have been used since ancient times to cure various ailments. There are a few very powerful home ingredients and herbs which help to prevent, cure or reduce symptoms of ovarian cancer. Some of them are

  • Ginger
    This powerful natural ingredient not only kills cancer cells, but it also prevents the cells from resisting cancer treatment. Tests have been conducted by applying ginger powder and water to cancer cells. The solution destroyed the cancer cells. Resistance to chemotherapy is very common in ovarian cancer patients. Ginger helps prevent this resistance to therapy. Ginger can be consumed as a herbal tea, in powder form or as a capsule. A major plus of ginger is that it causes hardly any adverse side effects.
  • Red onions
    Red onions are packed with anti-cancer compounds including quercetin, apigenin, and various anthocyanins. Red onions are particularly more beneficial than other onions to treat ovarian cancer. They can be consumed in salads in the raw form or can be bought as a powder and added to food.
  • Gingko biloba
    Gingko Biloba (maidenhair tree) is unique in the fact that it is proving to protect against ovarian cancer. It is very effective in DNA repair, genes, and tumor suppression. It is available in capsule forms.
  • Curcumin
    Curcumin (turmeric) is a naturally occurring compound with anti-cancer properties which helps treat multiple cancers. It induces chemo/radio-sensitization in ovarian cancer cells and it inhibits ovarian cancer cell growth.
  • Soy products
    If you are suffering from ovarian cancer, consuming soy products can reduce the adverse symptoms of the disease. Isoflavones found in soy products inhibit the transmission of cancerous cells, which slow the spread of cancer and tumor growth. Isoflavones also help repair and protect the body from the degenerative side effects of chemotherapy and other treatments for cancer.
  • Vegetables
    A diet rich in lentils, green leafy vegetables, kale, and broccoli is beneficial to reduce the risks of cancer. These foods are also good for building nutrients in the body while undergoing treatment for cancer.

Sunshine and teas to treat ovarian cancer
Vitamin D has anti-cancer properties and is linked to ovarian cancer prevalence. Walking for about 30 days during the day is a simple and certain way to increase vitamin D levels in the body. Some teas which are associated with the prevention and treatment of ovarian cancer are

  • Green tea
    The high concentration of antioxidants present in green tea, make it one of the best beverages to prevent and treat cancer. Catechins, which are present in green tea, are known to induce automatic cell death (apoptosis), which prevents the cells from dividing and spreading throughout the body. Consuming green tea is particularly good for those who are at high risk of developing ovarian cancer.
  • Peppermint tea
    Peppermint tea is very effective in soothing an upset stomach. People suffering from ovarian cancer are prone to upset stomachs and pelvic pain.

The above natural remedies should be used along with treatments. They help improve body resistance to cancer, alleviate side effects and help recover from treatment. They are not substitutes for treatment and cancer should be treated with a formal consultation with an oncologist.