Types of eyeliners for beginners and professionals

Our eyes are our window to the world. They reveal more than we can imagine—our mood, state of mind, etc. Sometimes, a simple eyeliner can make all the difference when someone is tired or is not at their best. An eyeliner helps shape our eyes and makes it stand out. Along with mascara, eyeliner makes the eyes look lush and healthy. With lines, thick or thin, you can make your eyes look bigger, smaller, or wider. Makeup without eyeliner is incomplete.

That being said, it takes a lot of practice to get the perfect eyeliner. There are many types of eyeliners based on the taste and style of the user, eye shape and also the climate. Different types of eyeliners help with drawing styles and effects. There are many eyeliner styles that are popular. Some of the common styles are:

  • Natural
  • Cat eye
  • Winged
  • Thick winged
  • Fish look
  • Floating crease
  • Double Winged

Additionally, some styles are best for smaller-shaped eyes, while some work best for people with larger eyes. There are styles for beginners which are classic yet simple. Each style is defined by the thickness of lines, color, and texture.

Liquid eyeliner
They are ideal for those who have more experience. It is also good for beginners, as it can be wiped off clean without causing a mess. You can make thin and crisp lines with these. It usually comes with different brushes and colors.

Dip pot
This is a traditional type of liquid eyeliner and is popular even now. It has a small bottle with a lid that has the brush. This is ideal for people who are good and get it right the first time, every time.

Pen type
This is ideal for beginners as it is more like a marker pen. However, with frequent use, the tips could get frayed. The eyeliner could then look uneven and messy.

Brush type
They are like markers with tips made of hair-like bristles. These are ideal for very precise styles and are preferred by people who do their own makeup and are very particular.

Cushion liner
This is a newer product. A fully saturated sponge is placed in a container. The eyeliner brush is then pressed into the sponge, which helps releases the eyeliner to the brush. This is ideal for those who prefer thicker lines.

This helps draw thicker eyeliner styles like the winged style, as the cream helps put on thicker lines. It is also easy to clean, unless the product is waterproof. However, this is not ideal for beginners. It is available both in pencil and in a pot.

Currently in vogue, this is applied with a brush. This lasts longer than cream liners and is ideal for a winged style. Additionally, it is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Apart from these, Kohl in a pot or pencils are great too. Eyeliners are also available in powders and have a vast range of colors and finishes.